Two Professional Mates

Unlike most charter fishing boats along the coast, the big charter boat offers you two professional mates on most all private deep sea fishing trips.  Having two full-time mates will make your fishing trip a guaranteed success by having more and better customer to mate ratio. Our goal is to provide you with service that is second to none and make sure that your family and kids have a wonderful time.  On all days that we have larger groups of 10 people or more you will certainly have to mates to help keep your lines untangled and flow of the trip smooth and steady.

Second Captains Barry Bracknell and John Frencl are clean-cut young men that want to make it the fishing business.  In my 23 years, I've seen lots of mates come and go however these guys are two of the very best I have ever had at any time in my career.  They have strong family values and they are nice guys that will make your fishing excursion enjoyable and memorable.  I have hand chosen these two young men to be associates within my operation.  We have a wealth of experience and it will show on your fishing trip.  Being the all three of us have a vested interest in the vessel and me being an owner operator we can ensure you will have a wonderful time.

How do we pay two mates? The customary rate for one mate on a deep-sea fishing trip is generally 15 to 20%.  However, for two professional mates, we kindly suggest 25% of the price of the trip for them to split up as their daily wages.  As always with a minimum of a 20% gratuity, your fish cleaning is free!


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