2014 Fishing Season Year In Review

If I had to pick one thing that really stood out in the 2014 season it would have to be weather, Cobia the influx of the large Vermillion Snapper that blessed us all year. As some of you may know Vermilion snapper is also called a beeliner or mingo. Regardless of what you call them they the goto fish that help make up some nice catches and always make for some awesome fare. I am not certain where all of the big beeliners came from this year but I'm sure glad they were here, especially with some of the closed seasons that we had to work around.

Springtime weather woes

Overall, the 2014 fishing season was a success even with accumulated snowfall on the docks Orange Beach Marina in February to the 27 inches of rain in 10 hours in late April this year started off in a very bizarre manner. It truly seemed that the half day trips during spring break was going to be a disaster but luckily we were able to get far enough offshore to make the fish bite and keep customers happy and hopefully coming back. As spring break started winding down the Cobia showed up and stayed all summer long!

Summer time fun trips

When the summer months true near fishing picked up as the water temperatures rose and the King mackerel's made the six hour charters absolutely is action-packed and fun filled as you could hope for. As usual we're always looking for new and innovative ways to show you a great time, with the hiring of new mates this year in Tyler Henderson and Ben Arnold this was not very difficult as they are true fisherman at heart they genuinely love to fish.  This year we were able to keep out multiple drift lines for King mackerel and even skipping baits across the surface for amberjack made it fun to watch. As in the last couple years our customers from the Midwest states continue to teach us that catch and release the fish like mackerel is a desirable and fun trip. With lots of these vacation are staying a condo for weeks at a time and no way to return the fish home and allowed us just to go fishing for fun as opposed to having to fill coolers full of fish. Now, I must admit that this is something new to me but I absolutely enjoyed the top water action and hearing the reels scream off line against the drag is absolutely as fun as it can be. As moved on into the lake summer and the fall we had some great trips was scamp, red grouper and wahoo. This made for some exciting day trips and plenty of smiling faces.

Offshore Overnight fishing trips

On the offshore overnight trips the rain early in the year obviously took its toll with dirty water coming out of the Mobile and Mississippi rivers. Even with the sloppy in rough conditions we managed to pull off some great catches in managed to ride further offshore that we probably ever have. As the water temperatures rose, and the muddy water subsided, the offshore action picked up and stayed fairly consistent with yellowfin and black fin tuna biting all the way through the end of the year.  We didn't seem to catch very many dolphin, but we did catch several swordfish on the Labor Day tournament fishing way over to the southeast in open water. Late in the season the big wahoo showed up and man did we have a great time with them

In Closing... Thanks!

I know I say this often, but I am truly honored to have each and every one of you fish with us throughout the year. For those of you who are able to fish multiple times of year I truly appreciate that more than you will ever know.  We continue to make strides to make each and every fishing trip fun and exciting with new things to try but it's hard to argue with the success that we've had in the past.

Article by Capt. Johnny Greene

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