About Your Charter Boat Captain Johnny

Owner and Operator Capt. Johnny is a life long resident with over 25 years experience. -- photo by John Phillips

Welcome aboard! As the sole owner of the Charter boat, I'd like to invite you to join us. We have built a lifetime of repeat clientele but we are always eager to welcome new friends and families to come spend a day on the water with us.

My diverse fishing background coming from fishing up to 300 days a year in the cockpit with some of the absolute best fishermen in the Gulf, is what has given me the first-hand knowledge on how to get the job done with dignity and pride. Working my way up from the cockpit to the wheelhouse was a priceless experience that could never be bought or sold and will always be the advantage that I will alway have and many captains who just buy their way in. When you see a captain screaming at a mate you can feel sure that Captain never worked in the cockpit of a boat and will never understand.

I stay in my wheelhouse of the boat and do my job, I'm not out back barking instructions or carrying on and bragging. I know it's expensive to go fishing and I sincerely want to give you every angling opportunity possible in exchange.

Working For The Future

We catch lots of fish and have done so for years but I hope to teach you a little about conservation and what it means to be a steward of the sea. One of the biggest things I learned one day early on in my career was while cleaning fish with my mates.  A customer turned to me and said "Capt. I will have throw away a bunch fish in the freezer to make room for these!" It really didn't sit will with me and I started to wonder how many fish was enough for an individual to eat? So let's just keep what we need and release the rest. Realizing that this type of business practice was probably not for the best I begin my involvement in fishery management. In 2008, I was appointed by Alabama Governor Bob Riley as one of 17 voting members of the National Marine Fisheries Service's, Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council. In 2012, I was reappointed by the current Alabama Governor Dr. Robert Bentley. This is not something that I take for granted and it takes a lot of time away from my business and unfortunately my family but I believe that working for a more sustainable future in fishery management, is the way to achieve a robust and vibrant ecosystem in the Gulf of Mexico.

Although I feel I have contributed to the health of the fishery it has made me aware that I can not run every single charter on the Intimidator as I have done in years past. However, you can bet that I have hand picked and groomed a crew that has my core values and will get the job done.


A_young_Capt_Johnny_GreeneWelcome back to the early 80's, do you remember those plastic Atlanta Braves hats?  -- photo by Greene Family archives

I grew up in Pensacola, Florida and was addicted to fishing since early childhood. I grew up fishing with my Grandmother in a small farm pond near Andalusia, Alabama. Then, in 1976 at the age of 6, my parents introduced me to saltwater fishing and my life changed forever.

I saved my money from cutting grass and working hard and I purchased a 1960 model, tri-hull fiberglass boat in 1982. She was a whopping 12' long by 6' wide powered by a massive 20 h.p. Johnson outboard. This boat was everything I needed to have fun while still a middle school student at Brownsville Middle School. When I got to Pine Forest High School, I moved up to bigger and faster center console boats that allowed me to introduce my friends to the world that I had come to enjoy. Being offshore was fast becoming a very important part of my young adult life and watching all my friends smiling and having fun was showing me the path to a unique way to earn a living.

All through the early 1980s to the mid-1990s, I worked on several commercial fishing boats. I learned a lot about reef building, bottom fishing, and tuna fishing during this time of my life but mainly I learned that commercial fishing was extremely hard work and I will always have a lot of respect for that way of fishing.

I met Captain Don Walker of Orange Beach in the early 1990s. He hired me as his mate on the Intruder and later through the construction of the Lady D. Along our 5-year journey of working together he taught me a lot about customer service and what it meant to be a good fishing guide but importantly to just be their friend. Captain Don spent a lot of time with me and mentored me until I was ready to go out on my own. However, I still get that occasional call from him on the phone that will keep my place, not to mention all of the other friends and family that help keep me grounded.

The_Old_Charter_Boat_IntimidatorThis 1979 model 52' Will Guthrie custom charter boat was one of the prettiest boats in the fleet! -- photo by Captain Johnny Greene

The Beginnings of a Charter Business

In July of 1996, I formed my Sportfishing Charters at the old Perdido Pass Marina in Orange Beach, Alabama. I found my first charter boat it was a 1979 model, 50' Charter boat. She was a very well built with a wood hull that handcrafted by Will Guthrie of Will's Boat Works in North Carolina in 1979. Mr. Guthrie is one of the finest boat builders of all time and in the mid to late 90's it was one of the prettiest charter boats near Gulf Shores and all Alabama.

As with all used boats, they require a lot of work. I ended up rebuilding the entire boat from stem to stern before it was all over. My first boat was big and slept 8 people, but I had a different vision of where I wanted to go in the charter fishing industry. I knew if I wanted to continue in this business, I had to have a larger boat to pursue the overnight offshore fishing trips.

Ultimately, it came down to a bigger boat with two mates to offer customer service that is unparalleled along the Alabama gulf coast

The New Bigger Boat

In the fall of 2000, someone made me an offer to purchase my boat; and I quickly accepted the offer. At that point, I decided to fully reinvest my money back into my business and have a boat custom built to my specs. I spent almost a whole year, building my new charter boat and finally in June of 2001, we had her ready to go.

The new charter boat is a 65' X 20' custom built sports fisher with 12 bunks and cockpit that measures 21X20 (as big as most two-car garages). She was hand built by me and my crew and is set up for maximum comfort and has plenty of room for everyone. Except for the need for fuel, she is a self-sufficient fishing machine for everything from half day to multi-day fishing excursions.

On a Personal Level

I am married to Ana and we have three children ranging from 9 to 19 years old. I will always be indebted to them for their patience and understanding, for the time and sacrifices they make, and their accomplishments as individuals both in school and church. I love the time in the off-season that I get to spend with my family and watching my children grow. My oldest daughter will start the University of Alabama at Birmingham this fall for a career in the medical field. Bella and John are still too small to decide if they are going into the family business or not but that will come in time, Hopefully, they will all get sea sick and be the president of the math club!

I love the outdoors, camping, biking, fishing, hunting and any form of auto racing, especially those Sportsman and super stock local series stock cars at 5 Flags Speedway in Pensacola, where we race on occasion to have some fun and blow off some steam.

"I really enjoy watching kids catch their first fish. It is especially comforting to know that I can make a difference in a family's life. Watching friends and families fight a big fish is the reason I enjoy being a charter boat captain and fishing guide" 

Even More Info!

On the Gulf Council, I have served on the following committees either past or present

  • Current Vice Chair of the Council

  • Chairman of Reef Fish Committee

  • Chairman of Marine Reserve Committee

  • Vice Chair of the Restoration Committee

  • Current Chair Restoration Committee

  • Redfish Committee

  • Vice Chair and Chairmen Artificial Reef Committee,

  • Vice Chair of Mackerel and Pelagic Species Committee

  • AP Selection

  • Data collection

  • Ecosystem and sustainable fisheries

  • Assignee for the Yellow-edge Grouper and Tilefish SEDAR stock assessment process

  • I am also a long time member of the Orange Beach Fishing Association where I currently sit on the board of directors in an Exif fico manner as the Gulf Council liaison.

  • I have held a U.S. Coast Guard 100 Ton, Master Mariners License since 1992.

  • Member of Trinity Presbyterian Church in Fairhope, Al

  • Founding Member of the Gulf Seafood Institute



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