Conservative Approach

About Saltwater Fishing in the Gulf of Mexico

Catching the most fish is not what makes us tick.  For us, watching you catch your first saltwater fish and build a memory that lasts a lifetime is what makes us happy.  The saltwater experience you have while fishing with us should be one that you will be able to share with friends and loved ones for many years to come.   We all want to catch a trophy fish, some want to catch the most, but that is not the real reason we go fishing.  We fish


-- photo by Captain Johnny Greene

Madeline showing off her first Spanish Mackerel!

h because of the passion that burns inside us along with the experience of just being on the water with family, the smell of the salt air, the sound of a screaming reel and seeing the land from a different point of view.  The anticipation of dropping your bait overboard and waiting for the fish to bite it is extremely exciting and drives our senses nuts.  There is nothing like having a saltwater experience that is beyond anything you could ever imagine.

Change is coming to the Gulf of Mexico Fishery

I think that we would all agree that the world we live in is ever changing.  Not everyone agrees with the change because it is uncomfortable and most people like stability but in today's world, the faster you can accept it and change with it, the better off you are going to be in the future. We have grown up fishing and have always been able to recognize, embrace and change with the times.  We understand that the memories that are created while sharing the outdoors with a loved one or friend are priceless and have helped shape our adult lives.  I doubt that we will ever again see 4 Red Snapper bag limits or a season longer than 75 days.  So, this brings us to the crossroads as the U.S. population continues to grow, so does the demand for fresh seafood.  There are more people who have access to the pristine Gulf of Mexico fishery than ever before.  Technology is also changing and anyone with a GPS and a boat can catch the same fish that the professionals do.
Charter fishing in Alabama has almost always been more of a competition between guides instead of providing a good service to the consumer.  I was told by many people growing up that you were only as good as yesterday's catch!  We thrived on the competition for business but slowly started to realize that it was not fair to our guests. We let competition among captains and the need to kill fish overcome what the sport was all about. So, We did something about it and became the first charter fishing service in the Gulf of Mexico to embrace a customer first attitude, which in turn, raised the bar on what customers expected to be as normal.

Recognizing and adapting to changes in Fish Bag Limits and Short Fishing Seasons

Over the years, our Orange Beach fishing guides recognized a change in the mentality of the people who are participating in saltwater fishing.  One reason we used to try to harvest a lot of fish was because of a generation gap.  Our parent's generation was one where being frugal was a part of life.  Most of our parents grew up during a time when things were tough.  Our parents owned a deep freezer and tried to keep it full at all times.  I guess they thought that is what you were supposed to do.  Today, hardly any of our clients own a deep freezer.  If they do, it's a small one.   Grocery stores now carry all of the things that we could not get during the offseason.  Improvements in freezing and preserving food have also made it easier on the consumer.
Our customers love the way we give them an option of keeping or releasing the fish they catch.  They understand and respect how we are changing with the times.  We not only promote it, we also encourage it.  It is the right thing to do for those who don't want to take fish to eat.

Better charters, sustainable fisheries, great fishing

We get "The Big Picture."  Each of our professional saltwater fishing guides cares if you have a good time and catch fish.  We want you to catch all the fish you want.  However, we encourage you to only harvest what you can eat in a reasonable amount of time.  As saltwater fishing guides, we have the responsibility to be leaders in the charter fishing industry.  We are creative thinkers and want you to experience something unique.  Each one of us tries to teach and educates our guests as to the reason why it is important to maintain sustainable fisheries while catching quality fish.  We care if you and your grandkids have the ability to catch these fish for many years to come.

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