Full Day Fishing Charters in Gulf Shores, Alabama

Wahoo_Fishing_Gulf_ShoresWe offer full day fishing trips for families, friends, and groups up to 20 passengers. There are a lot of benefits of a full day charter in comparison to other trips. For some anglers, a half day fishing trip is just not long enough and they want more action! So the natural progression is the next longest trip.   You will experience some nonstop action while on this trip as we take every effort to show everyone in your party a good time!

You will travel further on these trips obviously and get to areas that are not fish as often as on the half day trips.One of the biggest misconceptions in regards to full by fishing charters is the length of the trips. Most people struggle to understand the difference between a 10 hour and 12-hour trip. However, we will make that simple to understand as we just offer a full day trip which is about 11 hours in length and has just the right amount of fishing and riding that will satisfy the most discriminating anglers.  Just remember the more fuel money there is generally speaking the better the trip.

What kind of Tackle do we use?

All of our fishing gear is new or in really good shape that is professionally maintained. We exclusively use the best fishing gear on the market which means you get to fish with the high-quality tackle that works all of the time that is full of new monofilament line as you will notice we take a lot of pride in our gear and our boat. We use such brands as Shimano, Penn, and Ande Monofilament.

What do we do with all time!

We will take you offshore up from 30 to 50 miles and let you catch some really nice Red Snapper, White Snapper, Triggerfish, Vermilion Snapper, Gag Grouper, Red Grouper, and Amberjack. The good thing about being so far offshore, you have a chance to possibly pick up a Wahoo or Mahi-Mahi and it will allow us to get away from the other slower boats in town. 

However, through out there are regulatory fishery management plans in place that restrict us from harvest some species of fish during certain times of the year. We always strive to catch you as many fish as possible, we will keep what we can, and release the rest, to help ensure a sustainable fishery for generations to come.

These trips are great for those who want to catch some good fish for supper and not be rushed while doing so.   This trip is a lot of fun for all anglers and throughout the year.


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