Overnight Fishing Charters

We are overnight trips at its best!  Over the past 20 plus years, we have built our boat and our core business on two-day fishing trips. The Gulf of Mexico offers a variety of fish that available to be caught year round in its bountiful warm waters. We run between 35 and 70 over night trips a year and so they are not something that we do on occasion. We can carry a maximum of 10 passengers but only average just 6 to 8 passengers as our clients have come to enjoy all of the room and personal attention from the mates.

Flexibility in Angling Adventures

We depart at 6 am and will generally catch some fresh new live baits such as cigar minnows, hardtails, and herring and then we will start preparing your breakfast. Trust me hot biscuits, scrambled eggs, and Conecuh sausage will hit the spot as we ride offshore to the fish bottom-fishing grounds. The ride may vary from trip to trip but keep in mind often times it is just an effort to get us set up in a direction to the offshore grounds. While we are riding we will be keeping a watchful eye on the wire line trolling reels for a bite and of course the big green egg grill. It is hard to beat a fresh boston butt, whole chickens or pork chops on the boat!


-- The Grill is just one of the many great things about an overnight fishing trip!

Once we arrive at the fishing grounds we will fish on a variety of natural and artificial reefs for a good while for seasonal fish like red snapper, grouper, amberjack and triggerfish. Now, most every fish has a seasonal and bag limit on them but trust me it is some of the best fishing I have personally seen in over 20 years.

As we keep moving perpetually further south your mates and deck hands will keep the hi-speed wire line tollers in the water as we troll our way out to the deep water production rigs in hopes of catching a big wahoo, king mackerel or even some blackfin tunas. Once we arrive at the offshore blue water we will spend the remainder of our time fishing for dolphin, wahoo, yellowfin and black fin tuna. On occasion we catch fish like blue, white marlin and swordfish, However, these big-game species require different angling methods and time to do so.

We will be finishing up a dinner of rib eye steaks, boat potatoes, and salads as we arrive at the blue water. Once we get in the tuna mode that afternoon we will be looking for grass lines, fishing around the deepwater oil rigs. I am generally always looking for flying fish and other signs of bait fishing that will lead us to the bigger fish. We will hang in there and continue fishing on through the night if needed, to help ensure your success on our fishing trip, If we are still not done by the next morning, we will continue to tuna fish at daylight and then work our way back to the dock sometime around lunch or thereafter.

Now I would not be truthful if I didn't say that sometimes conditions like dirty water and other things will make the offshore species a bit challenging but we have the ability to come back inshore to stop and fish around the oil rigs for other hard fought species like amberjack. Often time we know in advance that the tuna fishing will be slow so it will allow us the opportunity to explore new innovative fishing techniques like deep drop fishing with the Diawa electrics that we have onboard. Generally, we are looking for species of deep water grouper and other unique species such as scorpionfish, golden tilefish, and long tail bass. But we can always work on back in a little shallower to fish for scamp and grouper too.

The boat makes the difference

Gag_Grouper_Intimidator_ChartersNot all boats are created equal and no two trips are ever the same is some advice given to me years ago. When the opportunity was given to me to build a new boat 13 years ago I took that to heart. We custom built the charter boat from the keel up for these long and exciting fishing adventures. She is 65 feet long and 20 feet wide. Complete with Ice-makers, water-maker, satellite TV and is ready to serve you and your group. We have all new gear waiting for you and your group and our tackle will handle the largest of the game fish with no problem. We invest tens of thousands of dollars and hours of service and repairs each year to ensure you catch a lot of fish. 


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