Oil Rigs

Since the late 1940's oil rigs have dotted the coast line of the Gulf of Mexico.  Most of the rigs that you see in Mobile bay and the surrounding Gulf Shores are natural gas production platforms.  In the wake of the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico some 88 miles from here there has been a lot of negativity circulating around them but from my point of view they are a good thing.  For many year they have operated flawlessly with out incident and provided structure and shelter for many types of fish.  Around these oil rigs you will see a lot of fish like Red Sapper, Amberjacks, Sharks, Yellowfin Tuna, Wahoo and Blue Marlin. 

Some of these oil rigs are actually deep water exploratory drilling rigs that are in really deep water and also serve as destinations for out long range two and three day trips.  Some of the rigs have

names like the "beercan", the "Ram Powell" although many do not but they are fun to fish around and help us locate and catch fish!


This is a typical oil rig south of Gulf Shore about 60 miles.


It is not uncommon at all to see oil Rigs off in the distance


This is locally know rig called the "beercan"


For my buddy Danny this rig made a dream come true!


But one this is for sure it make for some fun times!





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