Professional fish cleaning services are free aboard the Gulf Shores charter boat Intimidator

-- photo by Captain Johnny Greene

Fishing cleaning is easy with Gulf Shores Deep Sea Fishing. Just sit back and watch!

Gulf Shores, Al. - September 25, 2012

Professional fish cleaning services are included within the suggested gratuity for your mates on all deep-sea fishing trips aboard the intimidator. Quite simply, our mates Barry and Drew have cleaned fish for years and have cleaned thousands upon thousands of pounds of fish. As you will notice they take lots of pride in this process and will not rush it, as they know their job is not done until the fish cleaning aspect of their job is done properly.

 At the end of your fishing trip the mates will unload all the fish into baskets then put them into carts to wheel them up to the fish cleaning station at Orange Beach Marina. They are always willing to hang your fish up for you and help your group to get photographs of your days fishing adventure.  At times they may seem to be in a bit of a hurry while doing this since the fish are hanging up and  the simply did not want to fish to get hot. Besides at the end of a long day of fishing, people have a tendency to scatter when they hit the dock sometimes making it hard to get everyone together for your group photo so, keep this in mind.

At the conclusion of the photo session your mates will move your fish into the shade at the fish cleaning table and begin the process. All of your fish will be bagged in to gallon Ziploc bags, and generally divided by the individual species. Most families are not worried about dividing the fish equally amongst the passengers as some of the group charters do because their intent is to go straight to the restaurant that evening and have the fish prepared for dinner. On the other hand, some groups have 10 guys pay an equal amounts and in that case the fish is simply divided not only by species but by the number of anglers that participated in fishing trip.

Typically most all fish are filleted and the skin is removed from the fish. In some cases with fish such as king mackerel you may want to have part of fish steaked, which is simply slicing the fish from top to bottom to allow the fish to be put on the grill. Some fish such as amberjack have a dark red blood line that runs throughout the fish, if it is not handled properly when the fish is cleaned it can make the fish have a strong taste to it. Our mates will take the time necessary to remove more than 90% of this when the fish is being cleaned. However, if there is some small pieces of red on the full a when you get home take the time to finish cleaning it off. This will make a huge difference in the taste of fish such as amberjack.

After many generations of charter boat captains believing that they were only as good as the amount of fish they caught the day before, we have changed our philosophy into having a good time and catching some fish too. Now we will catch a lot of fish but my point here is that we strongly support you only keeping enough to eat and not being wasteful of a delicate fishery resource.


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