Deep Sea Fishing Rates are for 1 to 10 passengers?

In the local area you will find a very diverse and successful fishery along the northern Gulf of Mexico.  This is a page dedicated to helping you understand some of the local terms and slang that are often used in a manner that you may not understand.  Also keep this in mind when making your decision on where to go fishing and who to charter.

The cost of the trip is for up to 10 people, what does this mean? 

Well quite simply, this is just a simple way of pricing a fishing trip. 10 people on a multi passenger boat hsa been the norm for years.  It offers you a good bit of flexibility in the number of people can bring.  we averabe about 10 or more on a day trip and only about 6-8 on a overnight trip.  

I want to go fishing and there is only 5 of us in our group.  Do we need 10 people?

   No you can come by yourself if you want but we commonly carry lots of small families who want to be on a big nice boat.  in this business you get what you pay for


What If I have more than people?

   It is no problem just add 10% for each additional passenger


What is a 6-pack boat?

A six pack boat is just slang for a USCG determination of how many people a particular boat can carry.  All uninspected boats have a 6 passenger limit but that does not apply to us.


How many people can we bring?

We only offer private fishing trips for groups of people from 1 to 46 people.  In all fairness we cant fish 46 at one time.  So, if you have a group of friends, family, co-workers, clients or customers and want to show them a great day of fishing and not having to worry about managing personalities then this is what you are looking for. 


"Private", "Walk-On" or "Split party trips"

A private trip is just and your friends on the boat, a walk on trip is just a random group of people mixed together on a boat to go fishing and split party trip is a term used where you have two groups that cannot afford the price of a trip but would like to go deep sea fishing with another group of like-minded people


So, you may bring any number of people you would like up to 10 without additional cost.  However, if you do have more than 10 the we just add 10% per person over and above the quoted cost of the fishing trip.


If you would like to book the Intimidator Sport Fishing Charter, please fill out our online reservations request.  You may also call Captain Johnny Greene at 251.747.2872 at any time with questions, comments or concerns

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