Safety Is Paramount Aboard The Intimidator

Before every deep-sea fishing trip on the intimidator you will be personally greeted by the Captain and mate. After brief introductions we will go over the safety speech with you to help you understand how serious we are about safety at sea.

As required per United States Coast Guard law we will show you where lifejackets are stowed and how to put them on in the event of an emergency. We will also go over basic rules on the boat as they apply to your trip. Such as no smoking inside the cabin, where the lifejackets are stored and more important things like how to flush the toilets.

None of this is done in an attempt to scare you or your crew as it is basically the same thing as an airline stewardess giving you the safety briefs before you depart.  We have a great big boat and have never had a major emergency onboard however, much like a successful fishing trip we feel you must be prepared for anything that may come our way.

In accordance with Alabama state law kids number 7 and under must wear a life jacket while in the cockpit area. If the cabin door is closed them the children may remove their lifejackets to cool off. However, it is your parental responsibility to keep your kids a check and lifejackets on at appropriate times.

Our goal is to provide you a fun filled experience while on board the charter boat at all times. Please heed all the warnings and suggestions provided to you by your crew to ensure a fun filled successful fishing adventure.

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