Meet the Charter Boat Crew

Since the very beginning of my career, I have been truly blessed with a great crew that has worked with me and not just for me. Since the early 90's, I have owned my own charter boat, I have only had just a handful of first mates while watching a bunch of other guys that seem to come and go on boats around us.

As you can imagine it is hard to find a young man to get up and go to work and knows how to treat customers with respect at all times. Finding a crew that thinks the same way that I do is a real blessing. These young men have their Captains license (or are working on it) and they aspire to run our operation one day, and that makes for a great team

Professionalism is my goal and great service is what you get. We are gentle with families, with kids and help experienced anglers enhance their fishing skills. It is very rare to have such a capable crew that can do everything from baiting a book to running a charter.

All members of my crew have first aid and CPR training. My mates have run many trips for me and will continue to run more and more of the shorter charters in the future. So don't be totally surprised if you show up if when booking the trip you find out the Injury will be at the helm as he will show you the trip of a lifetime!

Mate / Captain John Frencl

Intimidator_Fishing_crewJohn is one of the hardest-working guys I've ever had in the cockpit.  he is a little quiet at times but is very friendly and always upbeat and positive. He is from the local area and has been all over the world working and fishing too.  he is an avid fisherman and loves to scuba dive.  He is always on the deck and second captain. He is now one of the most experienced mates on the dock. He is clean cut and fun to be around as he may get more excited than you do while fishing!  I have been fishing a long time and I can tell you that you will not meet a nicer young man, and we are proud to have him! 




Barry Bracknell

Barry has worked for me for about 10 years he is a great fisherman and lots of fun to be around.  He has caught almost every fish that swims and is a natural born fisherman in my book!  Barry has a son Fisher that one day will be one of my mates as I think he likes to fish more than his dad.  Barry is in his second issuance of his captain's license and can handle the boat with ease!  He is really good at bottom fishing but loves to catch a Tuna as much as anyone!  He likes to offroad on his side by side mud scooter on his occasional days off.  He is quick with a camera to get you a picture while in the heat of battle and afterward and even posts them on Facebook for you.






Captain Jon

Capt. Jon is my father-in-law and comes with me on some of my overnight fishing charters and occasional day trips. I married his daughter in the year 2000 and has been my fishing buddy ever since. Jon is very approachable, professional and is usually the first one to the boat. Jon has really helped me grow my business into one of the most successful operations; along the Gulf Coast with his advice and get it done attitude. He is really into showing people how to catch a fish and really enjoys the kids!








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