Tips for booking charter trips 

Now that you have decided to charter us for your deep-sea fishing trip, here is a good idea that might help you pull the trip together.  Now, when you first start talking about going deep-sea fishing people get excited thinking of past adventures on other offshore fishing trips.  So the beginning stages of booking your charter is very easy and it seems that every one wants to go.  

Make a list 

When it comes time to start collecting your money, obviously make a list keep up with who has paid.  Then, I recommend for yout to collect even number such as $100.  Then, once collected you will have your deposit money collected and should forward it to your boat captain for the trip to secure your date.  Should you happen to come up with a few extra people wanting to go, you can either bring them along for an additional fare or simply make an "alternates list".  This is simply a list of the people that signed up after you got the initial 10 people.  What this will do for you is provides flexibility at the last minute,should someone have to back out of the fishing trip.  What I would do is simply let your first alternate on your list buy out the individual who intimiall paid his deposit to reserve a spot on the boat.  This way you will not be shorthanded and have everyone digging into their pockets at the last minute to cover the individual who did not show up.

Another idea

Another thing a lot of people have started doing is to require additional payments at set intervals (dates) prior to the trip.  For example, if you call in January to reserve a date in August, then subsquently collect your deposit money within a week and mail it off to secure your date you are oficcial locked in.  Some of my regular charters will then require their buddies to make additional payments by March 1 and then perhaps another one sometime in April.  All this does is make it easier on individuals to come up with the money over time rather than all at once.  Now some people will forward the additional monies to me and some people will simply hold onto it until time of the trip, this makes absolutely no difference to me as if it's your money after all. 

Half as many can be twice as nice

As mentioned in other articles we have written, you absolutely do not have to have 10 people to go deep-sea fishing with us on the Intimidator.  In fact, most charters will only bring 6 to 8 people and pay the additional fair just to have more room and typically a more laid-back atmosphere in the cockpit.  Generally speaking, you will usually catch just as many pounds of fish with eight people as you will with ten.  Albeit they may be different varieties of fish but diversity is a good thing as well.

Family time

However, on some deep sea fishing trips it's all about family and getting as many people on the boat as possible.  Being the proud father of three kids and learning how to fish at a young age,I will normally try to make it as accommodating as possible for parents to bring kids out to enjoy the great outdoors.  Give me a call and let's talk about your situation and see if we can come to a compromise to get the family out fishing.  We understand that without you we would not be here and with diesel fuel at $3.50 per gallon the prices surely would be near as expensive to go fishing but this is a situation we have to work with. 

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