What's in season during 2017

Here are my best guesses for the 2016 fishing season for Orange Beach.


Triggerfish will be closed all year

Scamp - Red Grouper

The shallow water groupers reopen on April 1st and should remain open through the end of the year.


Amberjack is also currently open and with the new size limit of 34" the will probably close sometime in late April

Red Snapper

On June 1 Red Snapper will open for 46 days is my best guess which will be a lot of fun!

Gag Grouper

Gag is the only species that is closed until June 1 and will be open through the end of the year.

Deepwater Groupers

Yellowedge grouper, Snowy grouper, long tail sea bass, golden tilefish are open all year


Offshore species

All offshore species such as Yellowfin, blackfin Tuna, Dolphin, and wahoo are open all year.

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