What is a Big Green Egg?

The big green egg grill is the focal point of the cockpit. It is made from over big_green_egg1 inch thick Mexican ceramic and will last a life time. The grill is commonly used on about every deep sea fishing trip that we run. Most people love to grill out so, why not bring something to put on the grill while fishing!

From beef briskets, sausage, boston butts, whole chicken, pizza, steaks, anything that you can imagine it taste better on the egg!  We have modified our grill extensively with a stainless steel band, and air damper.  We have all of the utensils and the charcoal on the boat, just bring some for us! We will be glad to all of the cooking for you if you would like, or you can be the chef! Your call!

In accordance to the law we do not cook fish on the grill being that they must remain in whole condition until we reach the dock!

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