What is the difference between walk on and private charters?

Gulf Shores, Al. - September 30, 2012

A "Walk-on" is typically what is found aboard a party boat. They charge a per person fare and they group individual people together to make up a charter.
A "split – party" type of charter was made famous in South Florida on the smaller six passenger boats.  As opposed to selling individual fares they just simply combine two small groups of people to form a group charter.
A "private – charter" is a group of individuals that have decided in advance that they wish to come down as a group and charter a boat for just themselves.
On the charter-boat intimidator we only offer private charters. In the past we have run both walk on and split party trips but, prefer to stick with the private atmosphere for charter fishing. I personally do not believe in mixing personalities on the boat as we have had complications in the past. However, I have seen heated family discussions too :).

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